[TUT] ríp sex 2h die .


Địa chỉ email của bạn: điền mail mìh vô

Full name of the person you'd like to report: điền
tên tài khgoaen cần RIP ( full name trên info
Web address (URL) of the Timeline you'd like to
report ( copy URL victim bỏ vô )
State, province or country in which this person
was convicted việt nam )
Do you have documentation?
Please note that we require documentation
verifying this user as a convicted sex offender
(ex: a listing in a national sex offender registry, a
court document, or an online news article).
( yes)
What is the type of documentation you'd like to
Link to the national or state sex offender registry
Link to a court document or court records
Link to a news article
Link to a third party website that hosts publicly
available information (ex: arrest or charge
( chọn Link to a news article )
Web address (URL) verifying the user's status as
a convicted sex offender
( kiếm đại 1 bài báo nào trên pháp luật hay
zing.... về hiếp dâm...)
Additional relevant information
Ex: Is this person using a fake name?
( viết : Is this person using a fake name )

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